Love can touch a small country the world Chile

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Love can touch a small country the world Chile

Post  cylili on Wed Oct 13, 2010 8:48 pm

louis vuitton bagsA once obscure small country in South America, in the face of disaster after another, with "human love" moved the world.

October 13, the world focus on the desert in northern Chile copper mine in San Jose. 69 days before the Aug. 5, where the world occurred in the deepest mine so far, 33 miners were trapped in 700 meters underground. Today, they finally got aboard, "Phoenix" rescue position "to return to earth", there are 11 miners safe Masui.

The scene of support from around the world: the United States large-diameter drill bit, the Japanese astronaut underwear and space food, the Chinese manufacturer Sany Group, bearing 400 tons of energy giant crawler crane was lifting a more critical take on the task, and success of the first shaft and miners when the first whistle to celebrate.

President of Chile, Piniella said, "This thing (mine) had a tragic start, but a good ending." In terms of his own is also true, as the Government rescue work are effective, Piniella's support rate increased rapidly from 50% to 70%, Mining Minister Lawrence's support rate even soared to 86%.

tiffany jewelryEconomic recession, the 8.8 magnitude quake, serious mining accidents in just six months, only 750,000 square kilometers of small South American country of Chile misfortune after another, but the Chileans have not been knocked down, they say, the life-saving storage named "Phoenix" is the belief that to the disaster in the country, "Last stand."

Chile's strong attention in the world under the interpretation of what is hope, faith and love, in this economy, the environment of trust between people and even dangerous for the moment, Chileans employing the best that the world moved .


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