"Sexiest hacker" jailed for 40 years

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"Sexiest hacker" jailed for 40 years

Post  cylili on Thu Oct 14, 2010 7:52 pm

louis vuitton bags Been described as "the world's most sexy hacker" twenty-year-old female student Si Wei qin Sika Russian Doll (Kristina Svechinskaya), in connection with a criminal syndicates in the online fraud of money, was arrested earlier this month in New York. She was the 14th in New York were brought to court for trial. Since the crime was discovered she has a lot of her photos circulated on the Internet, so she became the new darling of Internet users. However, she convicted of guilty, sentenced to imprisonment for a maximum four years.

In addition to Si Wei qin Sika baby, the co-six persons were arrested and another three. They were charged with use of hacking techniques, intrusion on the Internet more than the U.S., UK bank account, steal money, customer information and fraud is estimated to amount up to two hundred and twenty million U.S. dollars, becoming the largest ever amount of online fraud.

Four New York students attending the University of being implicated Si Wei qin Sika baby is one of them. The prosecutor that she opened the account for at least five to cheat to get money into the secret account. Police found her in these accounts to deposit ? at least thirty five thousand dollars, of which eleven thousand U.S. dollars has been put away, Si Wei qin Sika
baby can be one-tenth of one share.

Si Wei qin Sika baby earlier this month when arraigned in court Niuyuemanke Dayton, wearing boots and jeans, wearing a charming figure. The judge does not approve her release on bail, her court crying, put on a delicate and charming look. She appeared again on Thursday when a formal trial, but also charged with using a forged passport charges.

tiffany jewelryU.S. police findings, the source of hacker crime groups in Eastern Europe. They used a virus, intrusion numerous customer's account number of banks. Attack, including individual depositors and SME's account. Part of the HSBC Bank in London who cheated customers.


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