German high-altitude airplane pilots suicide

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German high-altitude airplane pilots suicide

Post  cylili on Mon Oct 18, 2010 9:33 pm

louis vuitton bagsDriving a German sports plane a pilot flew over Munich, the plane is only one passenger. The pilot felt tired of life, appeared weary mood, he suddenly had hope and the plane Cessna (Cessna) aircraft with destruction, then airplane dive from 500 meters above the ground floor, but fortunately stopped in its tracks.

On the day 13:30, 26-year-old pilot, Pascal (Pascal R) and 42-year-old horse cool, another pilot aboard the flight with Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka was the horse cool identity as a passenger plane, he sat Pascal position behind. Time-sharing in return 14:15, Pascal suddenly took out a knife to threaten the horse cool neck Adams: "I want to live, I want to destroy the plane with!" At that time, the plane model C 172 racing Cessna Aircraft is the speed of 200 km per hour dive.

21 years of driving experience when the horse cool Adams grabbed a knife to stab a few Pascal, Ma Adams cool soon mastered the plane. But when the right aircraft Pascal opened the door, jumped down, he finally hit one in the stables Munich lounge, causing a large hole in the roof broke, but fortunately no one was inside.

tiffany jewelryStables owner Simon said: "The deceased's head was bruised." Ten minutes later, the plane landed in Augsburg, Ma Adams cool the face and left hand was injured and bleeding profusely, his chin need stitches. Pascal suicide after police found a suicide note at home.


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