Happiness? What kind of humanity to move towards the end?

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Happiness? What kind of humanity to move towards the end?

Post  cylili on Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:35 pm

louis vuitton outletWith the dialogue among civilizations, is the current unified and pluralistic world civilization game tend to advocate the product of two, is the product of the contemporary world development.

louis vuitton outletEach civilization to the world, since ancient times. Then the dialogue among civilizations, but partial, linear, spontaneous, mainly in the form of trade, missionary and war. Industrial revolution, the intensity of civilizations the world has increased. Such as 18,19-century Europe from the center of the world, the so-called "colonial movement" folder wrapped the Gospel of Christ to spread the world by force and penetration. Until the 20th century, the United States took over the European "world center" role, continue to promote a unified world civilization. 200 years, the vulnerable countries and regions can only be involuntarily forced to bear their own traditions to be killed, despised, forgotten the cruel reality.

Industrialization greatly expanded the vision of the human, has greatly improved people's material life, convenience and quality. But it also created a confrontation between man and nature, people, crowds and crowds of opposition, personal confrontation with people, present and future opposition, phenomenon and essence of the opposition. In a sense, these two opposite concentrated in such few people think, but very real problem: What is happiness? What kind of humanity to move towards the end?

true religion outletIn reality all the opposition, reflected in the life to the acceleration of technological development, the pursuit of wealth, the desire of the human mind can not stop and take some quiet and belief, the human material need not only the spirit of self-awareness of the tension between . This contradiction caused by the spirit of individual and group cognitive confusion, inexplicable hatred and social rupture, crisis-prone, has been terrible to the shows the future of mankind. Therefore, dialogue among civilizations should not just be tortured unified civilization vulnerable countries, national, regional and community needs, it is actually developed countries, hegemony,, the rich and powerful groups of internal demand, although he (it) They may not truly recognize this. Be beneficial dialogue among civilizations will be the whole of mankind. This is the Chinese civilization in the world as one of the ideas that have already repeatedly demonstrated and proven by history's truth.


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