UN says sexual abuse as "weapons of war"

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UN says sexual abuse as "weapons of war"

Post  cylili on Sun Oct 24, 2010 9:40 pm

louis vuitton outletUnited Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) 20 issued a report on the annual global population situation, noting that in the war, the warring parties are often raped by other women to beat their competitors to describe the sexual crimes have become "weapons of war."

louis vuitton outletReport on the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 issued by the eve of the 10th anniversary of the resolution condemning the military conflict for women and girls in the violence and called for greater involvement of women in political development and peacekeeping work. The report notes that few women to war, but often suffered the most during the war; rape female victims of sexual offenses in addition to torture, they can also make family breakdown, social breakdown.

true religion outletUNFPA Executive Director Obaid said that the present war mode is not limited to soldiers killing each other on the battlefield, and more in the fight against the will of the people, rape of women is one of the means. HIV infection because of being raped, causing trauma and disability, are a major blow to women.

true religion outletThe United Nations noted that the Congo is an example of African countries. Incessant war in eastern Congo, rebel forces and government forces the people are accused of mass rape of women, strongly condemned by the international, the country last year there were over 15,000 cases of rape. Report that, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Haiti, Liberia, Jordan West Bank, Uganda and Congo, there have been many civilian workers and self-help groups, to prevent the rape cases they can learn from the experience. The report calls for national legal provisions, policy formulation and the judicial system, we should focus on protection of women.


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