Swiss couples wedding vows have been full of swearing spoof

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Swiss couples wedding vows have been full of swearing spoof

Post  cylili on Mon Nov 01, 2010 8:57 pm

louis vuitton outletSwiss couple in the Indian Ocean archipelago of Maldives, a luxury hotel resort wedding, but, it was the hotel staff spoof wedding, wedding vows are all bad words, because the couple do not know the local language thus has been kept in the dark. Later, the hotel staff will be released this video as a joke in the video sharing site, before the matter was exposed.

louis vuitton outletNewcomers were scolded, "pigs", the video display, a hotel staff as wedding witnesses, and another 10 employees around the couple. The ceremony begins, the first witness to explain briefly in English, and then use the country's official language Dhivehi oath, chant along with other employees. Seemingly did not expect serious oath of witnesses was on the accused the couple is "a pig", "children born to you will be the son of a bitch" sort of bad language.

true religion outletWhen the ceremony to the end, the bride according to the instructions for the coconut tree watering, and when she bent down, the next to say: "wow, to see her breasts," and the wedding day the oath using the text, turned out to be this Hotel staff code of conduct guidelines. Later, the hotel staff will upload the video as a joke it was exposed to the network. Media to the hotel manager Rashid confirmed that on October 11 did have a couple of Switzerland exposed the United States in the Maldives Island resort village wedding Liv and humiliated. British newspapers have reported this news in the home straight the Maldives tourism industry exposing the scandal. Many international media and some local news channels have reproduced the witnesses humiliating, "Wedding vows translation."

true religion outletMaldives Foreign Minister Ahmed Shaheed told reporters that he felt after watching this video is very shocked. He said he did not read the whole section of the video, because it was his children around him, he did not want to hear the children use bad language in this video. The hotel investment company issued a statement condemning the behavior of employees of the company is "inexcusable." The hotel manager apologized for this and said the staff involved in this matter will take strict action.


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