Eats half catty gravel by mistake

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Eats half catty gravel by mistake

Post  cylili on Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:58 pm

according to coach outlet reported that :United Kingdom a few months before the dog as "naive" greedy, eating a half a catty little stones, almost dying.

According to(cheap coach bags) reports, only the name of "Alfie" (Alfie) 5-month-old puppy, was found to hold in his hands when the owner, like a lot of weight. Master of observation, the house finally took note of Alfie, "Chew" stones. Said the master, I saw a dog only to see the play, did not mind Who knows about 2 hours and it swallowed 250 grams of beans gravel. Puppy dog biscuits that this stone is, so keep swallowing.

Master it quickly to the vet inspection, X-ray showed only a stone dog stomach has been filled, the weight of as much as half a pound (about 0.45 kg), no wonder suddenly heavier.

Doctors(ed hardy clothing) quickly implement an emergency operation for the dog, take out all the stones.

Doctors said that if the puppy to stay in the belly of stone, puppy may occur intestinal perforation, peritonitis and other diseases occur, then the consequences will be very serious, possibly fatal.

However, after treatment, only lucky dog is now back to health.

( Editor:ed hardy sale)


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