The wife is not willing to kill with the bed

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The wife is not willing to kill with the bed

Post  cylili on Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:53 pm

according to coach outlet reported that :One night, when the children sleeping upstairs, Brent strangled his wife with pajamas, Ran

Will put the body inside the car, and then to forge a car accident scene, the bodies of his wife on the suburbs of the city roads


Brent at the scene and the court recognized, wife of the reason is because his wife(cheap coach bags) refused him the same room up to two

, He can not tolerate such a "miserable life."

Brent said in a hospital with his wife Kate in the second child birth after cesarean section on sexual

Lost interest in life, her husband's sex drive is very offensive. This incident has been deeply troubled Brent, he

To help Kate, as she bought a lot of related manual, but the situation has not improved.

According to the police(ed hardy clothing), when Brent had had sexual relations with Kate, but Kate is the uncertainty in relations alive or dead

. The case is further adjudicated.
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