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Meets unknown

Post  cylili on Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:46 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :We humans want to pursue things, but five words can be expressed: love

, Joy, peace.

coach outlet)Each of us in the pursuit of these, why almost all come to nothing?

Because you lost your authentic self.

What is the real you?

We are from small to large, has a sense of awareness that there is memory in your childhood has been there

With you to school, study, marriage, work. Therefore, there is a something in us that has not changed

, Despite our physical, emotional, feelings, knowledge and experience have been changing, but we still retain

A basic inherent truth I feel. The inner truth I will not born with your body, not with the death of

Disappear, it can observe the attitudes of this world to enjoy the sunrise, moonset, cloud from the cloud destruction, and years of circulation, the environment

Change, will not change it.

Happiness and joy, what is the difference?

Happiness is caused by the external things, it must be a prerequisite that makes us happy things

So it is an outside-in process, this way, will have a problem then: If happiness is determined by

ed hardy clothing)External things, then once the situation that makes you happy or something does not exist, and that your joy will disappear

The. The joy is different it is from the inside out of bloom, from your heart wells up to. So once you

Invoked it, outside is not take away.

Some parents really love the material can be shown, but many parents have is to love the name of the child for his

They live, not to respect the child's own life course.

( Editor:ed hardy sale)


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