Research: The man has an affair the probability

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Research: The man has an affair the probability

Post  cylili on Tue Aug 17, 2010 9:29 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :New research shows that profits are less than half of men, more likely to "steal" .

Sociology, Cornell University doctoral candidate Mouchy (Christin Munsch) in the American Sociological Association Annual

coach outlet)Meeting on research that reason Touxing men, it is possible to restore threatened gender awareness.

She said: "The profits are less than female partners, men make sense of a man threatened a test of 'man on

To feed their families' traditional concept. This concept in some particular groups of male chauvinism in particular, to strengthen,

Such as Latino men. "

However, the study found that women more dependent on men, men Touxing also higher probability of a woman is two-

Lose-lose situation.

If women are to pay expenses at home, she was more likely to Hongxingchuqiang, but as women earn more than men and make this

Whether the situation less normal.

In contrast, women in need of partners to provide cost, the less likely to betray. However, regardless of the circumstances

, The possibility of female Touxing still only half of men.

The study also suggested how to reduce the risk of the other half Touxing recommendations.

Partner's relationship satisfaction of each other, of course, reduce the risk of derailment, so that partners participate in religious activities, made him

ed hardy clothing)Or her to church, temple or mosque, is another approach, because the more often people participate in religious activities will not be out more


In the college classroom, lab or library to find the other half, is also a good way, because of hair

Is, the higher educated people on the lower the probability of partner infidelity.

The study analyzed 1024 men and 1559 women's information.

( Editor:ed hardy sale)


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