Men masculine smell

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Men masculine smell

Post  cylili on Sun Aug 29, 2010 11:13 pm

according to gucci shoes reported that :Germany's latest survey found that real men have their own flavor.

The survey said those who are full of men, masculinity and the others had a different odor. It is believed that the discovery

Can help women find agreeable man, and gave birth to such men, more healthy baby. This man body

The chemical signals but also to warn those cowardly people that own more "advanced", not to be confused

. Responsible for the study of German psychologists who study the sweat of men and the relationship between its offensive

Because this relationship is a Man of the male presence is essential.

These psychologists will cotton on tour match male badminton players are not running under the arms and a group of

Is very hard men of the armpit. The results showed that these two types of ladies and men do not like the smell.

But tests showed the skin of the badminton men and women athletes sweat more sensitive. In response, German experts say

I do not know why the men who sport more attractive woman. But sure, the hormone and testosterone Water

Level play a very important role.

( Editor:gucci outlet)


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