White House Oval Office decorated new look

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White House Oval Office decorated new look

Post  cylili on Wed Sep 01, 2010 11:41 pm

31 President Obama in the White House Oval Office the evening of a nationwide address, carefully found the American audience

cheap coach bags news)Office of the President through the re-decoration, for a new look! Sofas, wallpaper, carpet, all new look

Check-in 18 months, Obama left his mark on the White House.

It seems from the latest pictures, two rows deep yellow center occupies a new sofa, in the middle of a marble

Coffee table. During Bush's pale wallpaper has been removed, the change to beige and gold stripes cross the new wallpaper.

Former first lady Laura - Bush selected with the sun's rays carpet designs have already gone, taken

And replaced by a new carpet is a yellow, above organizations have four former U.S. President and the civil rights leader Martin - Luther - King


coach outlet news)Bush used the old chair was received into the White House, Treasury, Obama replaced the Office of the style of the new Block

Chair. Moreover, Churchill's bronze picture was Martin - Luther - King's picture instead.

The decoration is the Obama hands-on, or whether the first lady from the hands of Michelle, does not currently

Was acquainted with. The newly renovated White House officials declined to say how much money actually spent.


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