"Warmth" Obama turned "out of control man"

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"Warmth" Obama turned "out of control man"

Post  cylili on Wed Nov 03, 2010 7:42 pm

louis vuitton outletWith midterm elections approaching, four votes mad U.S. President Barack Obama began to lost its cool. British "Daily Mail" describes in his Oct. 30 rally in Connecticut a little out of control on how to face the audience.

louis vuitton outlet"Attention! Attention!" Obama will be the highest voice said, allegedly trying to drown out the audience for the global AIDS fund-raising cries of activists. In repeatedly reminded not help, he was silent for a few seconds, it is clear that he had been angered. At this time the audience bursts buzz, Obama raised his hand. "I just want to say, every figure you have a rally, and we are funding the global fight against AIDS, but that side of the (Republican) did not, so I do not understand you why. I suggest you go to those who The people who are not interested in, and then yelling at their rallies, so it is more sensible. "Barack Obama spoke, he, pointing to the group of people who give him trouble.

true religion outletWhen the buzz into cheers, Obama turned to another group of people who are still making noise: "You too." See the situation has improved, Obama tried to re-mobilize the audience, raised his hands: " We continue! "However, he still had to wait nearly 40 seconds until the noise died down, before they begin to speak:" Hey, listen to me, you! "Then he continued speaking.

true religion outletThis situation was out of control in 2008 when presidential candidate Barack Obama's speech was in sharp contrast to grand. In fact, as critics of malpractice, with the Democratic Party may lose in the mid-term elections, this has always been to keep the leaders have lost patience grace. Last month, he was a rally in Wisconsin, not only did not wear a tie, but roll up their sleeves, gave a speech to a group of union members, and the opportunity to criticize political opponents. Obama said the Republican's slogan is "No, we can not", but complained that the spot was always "treat me like a dog."


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