U.S. robbers rob banks for cashier remote control change "human bombs" to stealing money

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U.S. robbers rob banks for cashier remote control change "human bombs" to stealing money

Post  cylili on Sun Sep 26, 2010 9:24 pm

louis vuitton bags news) Miami, Florida, 24 bank robbery occurred in a rare, three suspects were taking a hostage and ordered a bomb strapped to his bank vault, "robbery", the robbers succeeded to flee the scene after the car has been , has not yet been brought to justice.

gucci shoes news) U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and local police said around 1 am that day, the three masked armed robbers broke into the 26-year-old bank teller Diego home, and he and his father hostage. Robbers in the apartment until the morning. Then, one of the robbers and Diego to stay in the apartment his father, the other two robbers then drove to his unit escorted Diego --- Bank of America branch near a University of Miami.

Gucci flat shoes news) Diego's father as the robbers threatened, claiming that if he does not help the bank robbery, then with his family farewell. Diego reluctantly agreed to their demands. Diego in order to prevent escape, the robbers even a bomb strapped to his body, and gave him to wear a vest, the bomb shelter to live, then two robbers driving a red Ford Mustang Diego car, send their return to work banks steal cash.

tiffany jewelry) Robbers told Diego: "We have a detonation device. How much money you could get up to take as many, and then take the money out of us." Diego removed a sum of cash to an unknown number of robbers, succeed, The two robbers sped away by car. Bank manager alarm, the police quickly closed off and blocked sections of several schools nearby.


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