Fetus or to imagine the future "brain network" had been formed at birth

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Fetus or to imagine the future "brain network" had been formed at birth

Post  cylili on Tue Nov 09, 2010 6:34 pm

louis vuitton outletLying on the fetus in the womb will not do is plan for their future? Generated because of this question, studies have found that sense of introspection and other areas of the brain related to a birth in the human been fully formed.

true religion outletResting state network, sometimes referred to as the "brain's dark energy" refers to a form of low-frequency brain activity, this form of activity has maintained an active state, even in the human sleep is no exception. A resting state network that is the default mode network --- --- who will be the level of activity into a work weakened. It may be introspective activities, such as to imagine the future --- some call it a level of consciousness. Previous studies found that the default mode network will be fully developed in childhood. But the Imperial College of Daiweiaide Edwards and colleagues now show that the structure had been in when a person is born fully formed.

louis vuitton outletThe team was resting state networks in the study and the relationship between cognitive function arrived at this conclusion. They 70 not more than 3 months old scanned the brains of infants and infant brain development with the level to represent the level of fetal development. Edwards says the team in the brains of these infants were found in the default mode network, which shows that "either the fetal period of life than we recall a lot of fun," because in the womb will be able to think about the future, or present on the The cognitive brain structure is wrong.

louis vuitton bags saleDid not participate in the study neurologist at the University of Washington Marcus depends Hiller reluctant to draw conclusions. He said that although the network as the default mode of brain structures that may help generate awareness, but awareness of them, after all, is not the main factor. However, the study found that the degree of brain development of newborns to be higher than previously thought and may ultimately contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of cerebral palsy and other neurological diseases.


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