Stewardess incarnation airborne thief

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Stewardess incarnation airborne thief

Post  cylili on Tue Jul 20, 2010 8:52 pm

according to coach outlet reported that :A French flight attendant used his position in Europe and Asia routes million meters of high-altitude air robber in disguise, using long-distance passenger travel intoxication and sleep, the frequently committed crimes, stolen property a lot of visitors. She finally caught last Friday by the French police. This was the French media in the 20 Doulou out.

cheap coach bags) reported that in January this year, since the Air France long-haul flights business class passengers, frequent property theft case, the case was exposed, has a height of not less than 142 passengers became victims of theft. France and the victims are mainly taking flights between Asian countries, especially in Paris - Tokyo route.

Months, the French border police to investigate the case of a lot of effort. With the gradual deepening of the investigation, so police surprise, this was actually a French air thief airline stewardess!

A police officer(ed hardy clothing), said the Japanese were really the best game of theft, because they are not used to using credit cards, always carry a large amount of cash travel.

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