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All the rich countries

Post  cylili on Fri Sep 24, 2010 9:55 pm

gucci shoes news)United States, "Global Finance" magazine recently released most countries and regions in the world rankings, the Middle East

State of Qatar ranks first in per capita gross domestic product (GDP) to more than 90,000 U.S. dollars (about 60 million people


Qatar is indeed a lot of money, so the locals never need to worry for their livelihoods. Only

To you were born in Qatar, is the real Qataris, then after you were born, a doctor is not required

To spend a penny, even with the utilities of life, but also by the government foot the bill, people do not

Spend a penny. On the contrary, the Government of Qatar will also give people subsidies. Therefore, the real Qataris

Is never needed to work,.

Local people say that exotic: Qatar's social security is very good, ill see a doctor here the basic

Do not need to spend money, but in the face of everyone in Qatar, whether you are not Qataris

. A friend of mine last bleeding, in the hospital for two weeks, but also lost a lot of blood.

The results of hospital bill, he paid only six cards currency. When the doctors say six cards coins, my

Gucci flat shoes news)Friends fear got it wrong, again and again to ask again, when the card is recognized as long as the currency to pay 6 times, doctors and

My friend laughed.

Because the oil-rich country, so people drive is very convenient Cartagena. Here in the street, you

Can see are filled with Mitsubishi Jeep, and BMW, Mercedes-Benz is endless.

Qatar Qatar there are many local school students. Even a sixteen-year-old Kata

Seoul man out of the car are also open Cadillac, Mercedes and BMW. "The real non-Qataris

tiffany jewelryOften the money, so they only make a good car to drive. "


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