French 76-year-old actress announced the competition in 2012 with President Sarkozy

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French 76-year-old actress announced the competition in 2012 with President Sarkozy

Post  cylili on Tue Oct 19, 2010 8:47 pm

louis vuitton outletA 76-year-old French actress declared that she would run for president in 2012 in competition with Sarkozy presidency. For long before, she said in an interview for her political turnoff, but also with respect Sarkozy is "idiot", Bruni "uneducated." 76 year old actress Brigitte Bardot (Brigitte Bardot) was originally a famous French actress, but a flourishing career in 1973, she suddenly switched to become an animal rights activist. Recently, under the invitation of the French eco-Alliance Party, she represented the party in 2012 presidential campaign, Sarkozy openly and destabilize. The party aims to protect animal rights, oppose the use of religious ritual slaughter of livestock.

true religion outlet In a letter to Mr Sarkozy's own letter, Bardot said: "I will work with you in 2012 compete with you, because you do not honor their commitments to the traditional slaughter of certain religious way as illegal, take me idiot. " She also sent a letter to the French media, said: "Whatever is politically left or right, we just need a voice, protection of animal rights."

Bardot in France has been held on immigration and homosexuality known far-right attitude, and repeatedly attacked the incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy. She has four times been to racists and anti-gay charges to be charged, also in 2008 that the U.S. presidential candidates Sarah Palin as a "woman's shame," "stupid that people silent." Last month, told a magazine interview, Bardot said that the current occupation of French politics makes people "sick": "I was politically correct idiots who are greatly misunderstood. Politics make me sick of." In addition, she She also says she does not like Mrs Bruni Sarkozy: "Bruni how bad upbringing, there is more beautiful."


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