British Museum photographed "ghost photos" ghost hair pulling

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British Museum photographed "ghost photos" ghost hair pulling

Post  cylili on Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:30 pm

louis vuitton outletMuseum of Nottingham Justice (The Galleries of Justice in Nottingham) is a British most "haunted" one of the sites, and now claims more tourists like ghost photo shoot, or even that baffling hair pulled. There have been many robbers, murderers and thieves were publicly hanged in the museum. Now a lot of visitors have come to feel grim, said things smell a strange smell or hear "clicks clicks" sound.

louis vuitton outletChristine (Christine Spice) and her boyfriend De Nier (Denyer), said earlier this month when photographed in this tour a few "ghost" pictures, "a formidable white images, the male appears to be an evil ghost. "Her cell phone is also captured another" ghost ": looks like a child wearing clothes a certain period.

true religion outletThe museum began in 1375 with at least the court, from 1449 onwards has set up a prison. Museum with old cell, dungeon, the two courts, and several medieval cave.

true religion outlet reported that some of the death penalty even in the building at the entrance to execute. Christian said he was calm and continue with the tour and her boyfriend, but also pay special attention to the wall pictures of the prisoners. "In this room, I felt someone pull on my hair. I turned around and did not see anyone. We can feel the whole building has a ghost in this place is definitely haunted."

true religion jeansMuseum directors Tim (Tim Desmond) said, "the museum's staff has become accustomed to the supernatural here, from the Middle Ages This is a place to punishment, nothing to be surprised. Now is interesting, because the mobile phone Photography feature, we received some suspicious visitors photographed pictures, even if you are a skeptic, to refute these unusual sightings or very difficult. "


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